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Holidays Futurisme is the new musical project of Claudio Valente (lyrics, music, vocals, synth, guitar), Simone Chivilò (guitars, bass, sequences) and Virginio Bellingardo (drums and percussions).
Holidays Futurisme's concerts, with the help of the light painting technique of photographer Marzia Dal Gesso, are art performances too, both visual and musical, well at home in art galleries and museums, besides that in typical music venues and clubs. Rockin' the gallery.

Holidays are not only physical movements, but also mental journeys, whose main features are perpetual changes, a peculiarity of life itself. Holidays and Journey become metaphores of an open-mindedness to the whole world and to its many, different cultures, to the endless variety of colours and flavours of the great, incredible adventure that is called life.


Speed, movement, distorsion of reality, light and energy: these subjects are more than actual today, if we consider our ultrakinetic, multimedia society, where computers, smartphones and tablets allow us to travel at a speed which could not be imagined until few decades ago.


Live performances take place in the setting of an exhibition with Claudio Valente (vocals and synth), Simone Chivilò (guitar and sequences) and Virginio Bellingardo (drums and percussions). Sometimes, two other musicians, Piero Trevisan (bass) and Tiziano Valente (saxophone), join the band as well.


From rock to electronics, to acoustic balladry, in search of suggestions of lights, colours, visions and movement: a "Futuriste" attitude in the use of the speed of rock'n'roll is alternated, sometimes, to a more lyrical and introspective mood.



  • Lyrics and Music

  • Synth and Guitar

  • Bass

  • Sequences

  • Percussions

Venice To Venice
The lady on tv
she smiles like a snake
she's got a brand new lover
a desert in her eyes.

Radio Silence

One day she will think of you
and won't remember your name
as you're the one who just ran way
at the height of fun.

Better go while it's still fun

I never get to know
let me see
this time you know what I want
I never get to see
what I know


summer of lovers
summer forever
we should remember when the night
the night is getting colder
and life is getting harder

17 Miles Drive

Fun facts

The name

The band takes its name from a song included in the 1980 Venetian new wave compilation "Samples Only", performed and written by Kitsch Putsch, alias singer and producer Massimo Filippi, who published this ante-litteram influential album for his own label, Art Retrò Ideas; this was one of the first italian new-wave independent labels, which also published the records of Art Déco, an electro-wave band that, on those days, had Claudio Valente as lead singer and songwriter.

Back to basics

For Holidays Futurisme's first album "Venice to Venice (foggy days, sunny nights)" Claudio Valente has written and composed many new songs in english language going back to his rock and new wave roots.

The show

The live performance boasts visuals by the photographer Marzia Dal Gesso; during the show, light beams are projected on the musicians and recorded by her cameras by using lightpainting techniques.

The first single

"Radio Silence" is the first single taken from the album and will be released on the 1st of october 2013 on iTunes and all digital stores and accompanied by a videoclip directed by Valeria Cruceli for Malefica Productions. It is a tough rock song which conveys strong criticism against the "radio silence" which, in a paradoxical way, deafen us with its roar made of artistic paucity and attacks us with the gloomy colours of a generalized cultural flattening.
The 70's Radio, meant as an instrument of adventurous discovery of new music and of nonconformist information, seems to have almost disappeared; in its place, only the great networks that, with all their noise, offer a distressing cultural silence, a spiritual desert in which enthusiast speakers yell in their mics all the time in order to celebrate the latest phenomenon spitted out of the toasters of talent shows. Just a RADIO SILENCE.


Speed, movement, distorsion of reality, power and energy.


Venice to Venice... (Foggy Days, Sunny Nights)
"Venice to Venice" is an emotional and physical journey, song by song, back and forth, from Venice (Italy) to Venice Beach (California, Usa); a real holiday and journey that inspired the tracks of the album which make use of the languages of rock and pop music to express the emotions inspired by two opposite, but somehow complementary worlds, going from the foggy, mitteleuropean and decadent atmospheres inspired by the Venetian lagoon and landscapes to the carefreeness of the sunny scenaries and warm nights of the Californian shores: along the road you will find tough rock wave songs like "Radio Silence", the first single, then groovy, black rooted solid rockers as "Falling Down" or "17 miles drive", kissed from a warm Californian sun and, you will also find electro-acoustic and introspective ballads as "Soul singers never sleep alone", "Game of chess" and "Better go while it's still fun", or romantic soul tracks as "Serenade" and even songs as "Know","Love behind the door", "Rain from the sun", where rock and electronics meet, recalling the exciting mood of 80's new wave.

"Venice to Venice" is arranged by Holidays Futurisme and produced by Claudio Valente and Simone Chivilò for Heart Real Music Productions and played by Claudio Valente (vocals, guitar and synthesizer), Simone Chivilò (guitars, bass, sequences) and Virginio Bellingardo (drums and percussions); saxophone parts are played by Tiziano Valente.
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Available for live show from november 2013


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